Dashboard Login URL: https://mr.iptv.uno (old Dashboard: https://sensustv.xdns.pro)
 Username is your Email address

Login to your Dashboard and open left menu MANAGE LINES => Add MAG (and get portal url)

E.g. Formuler device and MyTvOnline App, you would need to add MAC ID instead of mac address.
MAC ID starts with 00:1A…


We do not recommend to use MAG box anymore, best is to use an Android box in combination with m3u.

If you need a portal url, click on “Add MAG“.

add mag mac

Add MAC address OR MAC ID

If you have a MAG box OR another device which require a portal URL, you can add your MAC address OR (MAC)ID to the Dashboard.

add mac address or mac id


Once MAC has been added, you will get a UNIQUE PORTAL URL, add this to your device and reboot it.
(Sometimes it’s helpful to remove power cable.)

Bitcoin BTC fee is insane, that's why we strongly recommend to use Litecoin LTC or Ethereum ETH (ERC20 network is IMPORTANT!! Do NOT use "Base" or any other Network!) instead of Bitcoin BTC.


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