How to setup XCIPTV App with Xtream Codes (XC) login while you simply generate XC login details out of your http m3u link

Official APP Website:

Where to find the XCIPTV Xtream Codes (XC) login details ?

Within your Rapid IPTV Dashboard you’ll find the http m3u link (tutorial) and an explanation how to generate the seperate Server URL (XC API URL), Username and Password.

If your m3u link looks like this:

You’ll find the Server URL (XC API URL), Username and Password within the link:
(In some cases Username and Password enjoy small and capital letters, keep this in mind please.)

Then your Xtream Codes (XC) login looks like this, based on above m3u link:

Username: MyUsername
Password: MyPassword
(And please keep in mind, small and capital letters are important.)

If you see the following picture with “Allow” and “Deny” question, then choose ALLOW:

Now just wait a while until the entire IPTV content has been loaded:

Once everything has been loaded, you’ll see all categories and you can choose between LIVE TV, TV GUIDE, VOD and SERIES:

In some cases you need to open the SETTINGS and change the PLAYER type to an external player, e.g. VLC player. This is often helpful to get the right VOD codec.

In case of your VOD movies does not play, then please go to SETTINGS => PLAYER and change the Player.

Rapid IPTV Support

By the way, If you want to use this XCIPTV App on your Fire TV Stick (tutorial) or any other Android device:
Then use the official APK SOURCE URL ( from APPs Website.